How to Get Younger. The Fountain of Youth Has Been Found

Regenerative Medicine

How to Get Younger

How to Get Younger

How to get Younger: In this book, which was recently published on Amazon, you will find 68 therapies from all over the World – USA, Russia, China, Japan, etc. which can reverse the aging process and make you age backwards and get decades younger. It can be your personal reverse-aging Bible. The book will introduce you to therapies, designed to reverse aging either naturally, through a pill or through a certain procedure. It will tell you what works and what doesn’t work based on the experience of people who have tried it, what the science says about these therapies and what is coming up in the pipeline, which will make you immortal.
Your chances of reversing aging to an extent that would satisfy you even if you follow the best vegan diet.

In this book you will learn how to get younger and will read about Regenerative Medicine, life extension, HGH, human placenta, telomeres, telomerase and telomere lengthning, how to create stem cells, stem cell research, human plasma treatments and stem cell therapy, immortal technique, how to reverse the aging process, anti aging super foods, anti aging products and supplements, anti aging skin serums, anti aging creams, the eternal fountain of youth, etc.

Chapter I – The 7 causes of aging according to leading US scientists plus 7 other causes pointed by European researchers

Chapter II – How to get younger and reverse aging

Chapter III – Avoid these foods. they are the biggest culprits for premature aging

Chapter IV – Superfoods that can make you decades younger

Chapter V – Which eating habits age you most and why you have to change them once and forever

Chapter VI – Controversial foods – are they good or bad for you? Should you be vegetarian or not? Vegan or not?

Chapter VII – Proper food combining – is it nonsense or could it make you decades younger?

Chapter VIII – Anti-aging diet plans. How to get younger

Chapter IX – How to get rid of the toxins in your body

Chapter X – This is so simple to do, and people who tried it say it made them look 10 years younger in 30 days

Chapter XI – Learn how former communist leaders were rejuvenated and how their lives were prolonged once they got sick. this can prolong your life by decades. you can do it yourself

Chapter XII – The “Gift From God”, found near volcanoes can reverse aging and prolong your life

Chapter XIII – Reverse the damage of your body at cellular level. help your body optimize the function of the mitochondria and create new mitochondria

Chapter XIV – Reduce the collagen degradation and improve your skin elasticity. decrease your skin pigmentation. a brand new anti-oxidant discovered

Chapter XV – The scientist who invented a new age-defying pill and the first modification is available on the market

Chapter XVI – Human placenta at an affordable price. This is where you can get it

Chapter XVII – An Eastern European professor came up with a substance that activates telomerase and can extend telomeres 2.5 times. He has been using it for 15 years now and he looks much younger than his calendar age

Chapter XVIII – How to lengthen your telomeres naturally and does that make you younger or not?

Chapter XIX – The gene therapies which are already tried on humans

Chapter XX – A New experiment awarded by Russian president Putin promises extending human life to 200

Chapter XXI – Reverse aging with this enzyme therapy

Chapter XXII – Bioidentical hormones therapy – should you try it or not?

Chapter XXIII – Human Growth Hormone – does it really reverse aging and what are the side effects?

Chapter XXIV – Drugs, scientifically proven to reverse aging

Chapter XXV – How to trick your body into creating new stem cells, which will make you younger

Chapter XXVI – How to change your breathing in order to create new stem cells and reverse aging

Chapter XXVII – How to transform your sexual energy, so it makes you decades younger

Chapter XXVIII – The secret therapies of the immortal yogis

Chapter XXIX – Another way to reverse aging you never knew about and you can start it right now without even leaving your home

Chapter XXX – How changing of your body temperature can make you younger

Chapter XXXI – The Eastern doctor, who can make you decades younger through a magnetic field

Chapter XXXII – How to reverse aging through ions

Chapter XXXIII – If these people lived longer than anyone else has, and look decades younger than their biological age, it is a good reason for you to do what they do

Chapter XXXIV – Reverse aging through younger blood or just using your own blood

Chapter XXXV –Those with conventional medical training are usually the last ones who can acknowledge this method, but science as well as facts prove it works

Chapter XXXVI – How to get Younger? You can change your DNA

Chapter XXXVII – Reverse aging through massaging this point of your body every day

Chapter XXXVIII – Can oxygen make you younger?

Chapter XXXIX – Menopause can be reversed

Chapter XXXX – Longevity therapies that have been proven to work

Chapter XXXXI – Take care of your body from the outside – cosmetics and non-surgical treatments

Chapter XXXXII – The secret of skin doctors and how to get younger with a face cream

Chapter XXXXIII – This man tried immortality on himself and he is doing great

Chapter XXXXIV A new hormone reverses aging. Learn how to get younger

Chapter XXXXV – Treatments coming up in the pipeline which show amazing results on animal models and on human cells, but are not yet widely used on humans