222 Love Techniques To Make A Man Fall In Love With You. Demystifying the Laws of Enchantment

222 Love Techniques


A new Book has been just published on Amazon.com “How to Make A Man Fall in Love with You and Stay in Love: 222 Love Techniques Demystifying the Laws of Enchantment”

Unlike most books, which give similar advices, this book does not assume that all men are the same and one and the same Love technique would work on any man. If your life is not looking like much of a fairy tale in terms of romance, this book will help you do whatever is needed to get whatever you want, whether you have stumbled on the man of your dreams already, or you are still searching. Many dating experts suggest you should “play hard to get” in order to get the one you want, but are they really right? You will find the answer of this question and many others here. Love should not feel like work, but it does take some work and requires certain knowledge if you want to make anyone you wish fall in love with you.

The best thing that could happen to any of us is to meet the right partner and spend the rest of our lives in a pure bliss. It is also the most difficult thing to happen. That’s why the most important goal in anyone’s life should be to meet that special person. Most people understand that only after they have already achieved all other goals in their lives.

Meeting The One could happen in a magic way, just like it does in the movies, but most probably, you will have to take the matter in your own hands and help your fate a bit.

A legend says: Once upon a time, there were no men and women – people had bodies, combining male and female sexes. Since they didn’t need anyone in order to feel complete, they were very strong. Gods were scared, that someday people would become just like them. So Zeus sent a wind on Earth, which was so strong, that it split each person into two parts – male and female and each part got blown away at a different place around the world. Since that day, each female part is looking for its’ own male half. And since both parts have spent so much time away from each other, even though they’ve met their own half, they still have to work on the relationship even when they are both true soul mates.