“‘You Need To Show Up With A Lot Of Money, Which I Don’t Think You Have.’ I Laughed And Said, ‘I Think I Have Ten Times More Than You Do.’”


What 25 year-old rich guy had this to say about buying a social networking site from a 57 year-old rich guy? Click below for the answer…

Patrick Liotard-VogtPatrick Liotard-Vogt, a Swiss 25 year-old mogul and heir to the founders of Nestle Corp., is ready to make a name for himself apart from his families empire by taking on exclusive social networking site ASMALLWORLD and apparently, it was as easy as walking up to the site’s former owner (film producer and movie studio chairman Harvey Weinstein) and bragging about his deep pockets. The site is a “private international community of culturally, influential people,” like Facebook, but you need an invite. What will the new, young chairman do for the site? We’re assuming more than Weinstein who after owning it for three years never had his own profile. Patrick recently told the Huffington Post

“ASMALLWORLD has been around for seven years and the concept is proven. That said, I still see a lot of potential in terms of building the network, improving the technology and adding more services...For starters, it’s still around. If you look at other social communities, they appear and then disappear. ASMALLWORLD has been able to preserve its market position for more than seven years. The membership is growing. It has gained 60% of members in the last 12 months.” [HuffingtonPost]

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